What we do.

Roygbiv is a real estate development company based in Northern California. Our experience in the development and building projects in Asia, throughout California, and Texas span over 25 years. Investors and principals backing Roygbiv have enabled us to invest in projects over 3 Billion US dollars during the last 7 years.

We originate, execute, and participate in projects involving multi-residential, mixed use (with major residential component), and luxury homes in the Bay Area (especially Silicon Valley).

Roygbiv undertakes the full cycle of real estate development that includes land acquisition, entitlement, construction, and marketing.


Our partners are the key.

Roygbiv’s high profile investors keep the projects flowing through their financial backing. Land owners like working with us because we pay for the highest possible value of their land. We work with mortgage bankers, loan brokers, and other private money sources that are loyal to us for our debt capital. Our reputation in the brokerage industry motivate land brokers and real estate professionals to constantly search for properties that fit our acquisition criteria. On the other hand, we always welcome newcomers who want to work in the same positive culture that Roygbiv is known for.